Basketball Positions

Hi kids! I’m going over to the Sportsational gym later this afternoon to play my favorite sport, basketball. Before I go to my game I wanted to help you guys learn about the different positions you can play on a basketball team.


The position that you play in the sport of basketball is often determined by your size. Each position in basketball has a role in the game and they all work together to help the team play it’s best.


Let’s go through each position and see where you may fit best on a basketball team.


Point Guard – The point guard is usually one of the smallest players on the team and. they are often one of the best ball handlers. They are typically the player on the team that brings the ball up the court to set up the offense. Point guards are generally really good at passing and setting up their teammates to score baskets.


Shooting Guard – The shooting guard is often the best shooter on the team. They are typically good ball handlers and passers as well. The shooting guard position is most often occupied by the second smallest player on the basketball team.


Small Forward – The small forward position is typically filled by the player on the team that can do a little bit of everything on the floor. The small forward’s role can vary depending on the style of basketball the team plays. They are often very good at getting the ball to the basket for scoring opportunities. The small forward is often larger then the guards.


Power Forward – Power forwards are usually the second largest guys on a basketball team. They usually play close to the basket on offense and defense. Many power forwards are good at rebounding and scoring at or near the basket.


Center – The fifth and final position on a basketball team is the center. The center is typically the tallest member of a basketball team. Like the power forward, centers are often very good rebounders and can score at the basket. Many centers are much better defenders then they are scorers. Centers usually are the teams best shot blockers.


Now that you know all of the positions on a basketball team try and figure out which position would be the best fit for you, grab some buddies and hit the court!


Have a Sportsational Day!




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