Basketball Equipment & Apparel

Hello everybody! I decided that I was going to go over the equipment that you need to play basketball, but then I realized if I just did that this would possibly be the shortest entry of all time. So not only am I going to go over what you need to play basketball, but also what you usually wear to play as well.


Basketball does not require items such as shoulder pads, helmets or ice skates. The only pieces of equipment you need for a game of basketball are the basketball itself and the basketball net. You also need a court or a hard surface to play on.


What players wear when they play basketball varies, but for our learning purposes we are going to discuss a basic team basketball uniform.


First, let’s start with the basketball jersey. This is usually a tank top (which is a shirt with no sleeves) that is in the team colors. The front of the jersey often has the team name and player’s number on it. The back of the jersey also has the player’s number and can have the player’s last name on it too.


Next we have the basketball shorts. They are also in the team colors to match the jersey. Basketball shorts can have different designs, but stripping down the outside of each leg is common. The shorts also can have the team symbol on them.


Finally, we have the basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are simply sneakers that are made to wear when playing basketball. They can be all different colors, styles and sizes. Each player has to find the type of basketball shoe that they are most comfortable with.


Many basketball players also wear headbands, wristbands and/or armbands when they play too. I always wear my headband when I play because it helps keep the sweat from running into my eyes.


Well there you have it kids! It is pretty simple to get ready to play basketball so get dressed, grab your basketball and get out there and enjoy my favorite sport in the world!


Have a sportsational day,





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