Baseball Hits

Hello everyone! Spring is here and baseball season is right around the corner! To get you ready I am going to introduce you to the four basic hits in the sport of baseball.


When a player smacks a pitch with his bat and it lands in the field of play (or over the outfield fence) it is called a hit. These are the four basic hits a player can get when playing baseball.


Single – A player hits a single when they get to first base after putting the ball into the field of play.


Double – In baseball, a hit is called a double when a player knocks the ball into the field of play and makes it to second base before the next pitch is thrown.


Triple – A batter hits a triple when they are able to run all of the way to third base after hitting the baseball into the field of play.


Home Run – A home run is when a baseball player hits a pitch so far that it goes over the fence or wall, at the back of the outfield, in a baseball park.


There are a lot of other hits in baseball that we can learn about later on. I’ll talk to you guys soon. I’m off to practice my swing for the upcoming season!



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