Baseball For The Body & Brain

Hey there gang! I really enjoy this time of year. The spring weather, blooming flowers and all of the baseball you could possibly want to play and watch!


Baseball is my favorite sport for a lot of different reasons, but one thing that I really enjoy about baseball is that you have to use your mind as much as your body.


Learning about the rules and situations in a baseball game (and any other sport for that matter) is very important. When you understand the rules and situations it helps you to grow as a player. It also makes the game that much more fun!


Learning the rules of baseball is not the only way you can exercise your brain while you exercise your body. Learning baseball terms helps you with your alphabet, spelling and word recognition. For example, the tool a baseball player uses to hit a baseball is called a bat. B ā€“ A ā€“ T spells bat!


Baseball is also a sport with scoring involved. This helps you with numbers, counting and addition. If team Homer scores three runs in the fourth inning and two more runs in the seventh inning how many total runs has team Homer scored? Five!


So remember kids when you use your brain along with your body to play and think sports it helps you grow in more ways then one.


Iā€™m outta here!



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