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An Ode to Baseball

It is played on a diamond, made of dirt and grass Where players swing bats and the pitchers toss gas   There are diving catches, and hits for extra bases The excitement brings smiles to all the fans faces   … Continue reading

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Something To Grow On

Hey gang! You all know that I love playing lacrosse, but one of my other favorite hobbies is growing my own fruit. I love working outside in my garden and I love to eat the fresh fruits that I grow. … Continue reading

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Tools For Tennis

Y’all come along and learn about what you need to play some tennis (click here).

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Soccer Speak

Your favorite educated gorilla is back to teach you some terms that are used in the game of soccer (click here).

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Water Adventure

Dudes, come and learn about some cool water sports for the warm weather (click here).

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Hits With Homer

There are four basic hits in the sport of baseball. Come and learn about those four hits with me right here!

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Speed & Safety

You need to be safe when you’re driving a race car and these three items will help!

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Three Ways To Play

Tackle, touch or flag? Which one is your kind of football (click here)?

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Let’s Talk Hockey

Come and learn some neat hockey sayings with your penguin pal (click here)!

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Learn To Be Penalty Free

If you want to learn a few things you shouldn’t do on a lacrosse field just click here.

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