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Swing Into Golf

Hi there! I just finished my first blog entry since my sister Caddie had dibs on the first one. The entry is all about golf clubs (click here). Enjoy!

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Striker’s Stuff For Soccer

Professor Striker is back again! Come and learn what you need to play the great game of soccer (click here). I’ll see you out on the soccer fields!

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Preaching Practice

Hey gang! I just wrote a new blog entry on the importance of practice (click here). I hope you enjoy reading it and it inspires you to practice your favorite sport or activity. Have a happy and healthy day!

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A Confident Groove

How is everyone doing today? I just wrote a little blog entry about the importance of self confidence. Check it out (click here). Catch you later!

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Dash’s First Heptathlon

Hey, everyone! I just posted a blog entry to teach you about the heptathlon that I will be participating in tomorrow. What is a heptathlon, you ask? Find out by reading more (click here). Have a great day!

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Scoring In Football

Hey lil’ guys! Check out my blog entry (click here) on how ya score in my favorite sport of football.  Have a great day!

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Happy Holiday Blog

Hey everybody! The Sportsationals wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Please enjoy our “ultimate gift” blog entry (click here). Enjoy!

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Hockey, Penalties and Penguins

Hi everyone! I just posted my next blog entry (click here). Give it a read and let me know what you think. Have a healthy, happy and active day!

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The Name Game

Hey kiddos! I wanted to do something fun for my first post on our website. My brother wasn’t much help, but he promised he’d take care of the next post. Take a look (click here) and have fun!

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Learning From A Lion

Hey everyone! I finally wrote my first blog entry for our website (click here). Sorry it took so long, but I like to take my time and do things right. Have a terrific day!

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