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Baseball Love

Come and see ten reasons why I think baseball is the best (click here)!

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Leading The Way

Hey everyone! Come with me and learn what it takes to be a good leader (click here).

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Purrrrfectly Positive

Hi y’all! Click here to learn about the importance of a positive attitude.

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The Edge Of Adventure

What’s up dudes! You know I’m all about adventure. Read my latest blog to find out why (click here).

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Helpin’ Out

Hey there lil’ guys! Come and learn how havin’ great friends helped me prepare for a football game (click here).

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Practice Patience

Hey there! Come and join me to learn about the importance of being patient (click here).

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Sing With Pride

Hey gang! I just posted my latest blog entry and it is a neat little song about having that Can Do attitude (click here)! Enjoy!

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100% Slapshot

Come and read my next blog entry on always giving one hundred percent (click here). Have a healthy, happy and active day!

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A Confident Groove

How is everyone doing today? I just wrote a little blog entry about the importance of self confidence. Check it out (click here). Catch you later!

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Learning From A Lion

Hey everyone! I finally wrote my first blog entry for our website (click here). Sorry it took so long, but I like to take my time and do things right. Have a terrific day!

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