Tennis Terms

Hi y’all! Today we are going to learn a few tennis terms. These three terms are used during a tennis match when a point is about to start.


Serve – A serve is when one tennis player hits the ball over the net to the other tennis player to begin a point. The server must hit the ball into a certain area of the tennis court for the point to begin.


Ace – Besides being a great name for a tennis-loving kitty, an ace has another meaning. When a server hits the ball into the right spot on the court and the server’s opponent is unable to hit it back, in play or at all, it is called an ace.


Fault – A fault occurs when the server does not hit the ball into the correct part of the court to begin a point. If the server does this two times in a row it is called a double fault. If a server double faults their opponent is awarded a point.


Hope y’all enjoyed the tennis terms lesson. Ta-ta for now!



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