What Makes Up A Soccer Ball?

Professor Striker has returned! Today we are going to learn what a soccer ball is made from. There are four main parts to a soccer ball. They are the bladder, linings, cover and stitches. Let’s review each piece.


Bladder – The bladders of soccer balls are the parts of the balls that hold the air. They are made out of rubber.


Linings – The linings of a soccer ball help give the ball its shape and its bounce. Some soccer balls have as many as 4 linings inside of them.


Covers – The covers are the outside of the soccer ball. Most soccer covers are made of an artificial leather. The most common soccer ball cover is made up of 32 different panels all sewn together.


Stitches – Stitches are what hold the pieces of the cover together on a soccer ball. A soccer ball can be stitched by a person or a machine.


These four parts are what a soccer ball is made from.



Professor Striker

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