The Long And Short Of It

What’s up lil’ dudes? Today we are going to learn the difference between bigger skateboards (longboards) and smaller ones (shortboards).


Let’s get rolling!


Longboards – Longboards are both longer and wider than shortboards. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The longboards are better suited for riding, especially downhill.


These boards are good for a skater who wants to ride something that has a similar feel to a snow or surfboard. Because they are bigger and heavier, they are not used to perform a lot of tricks that can be done with a shortboard.


Shortboards – These skateboards are often seen at the skate parks. They are lighter and smaller than longboards. This allows the skaters to perform all of those killer tricks. Shortboards do not have as much stability as longboards because they are not as heavy.


Now that you know the difference between these two skateboards you can choose which one is right for you. I’m heading to the skate park so I’m grabbing my shortboard.


Catch ya later,



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