Jump Into Track & Field

How many of you out there like to run and jump? Well if you do then you’ll love these two track and field events.


Pole Vault – In this track and field event an athlete gets a big running start. Then they try and jump over a raised bar with the help of a long, flexible pole. Whichever athlete is able to make it over the bar at its highest point wins the event.


Triple Jump – When performing a triple jump the athlete starts out by running as fast as they can. Then the athlete jumps onto one leg while springing forward. Then they immediately jump onto the other leg while springing forward. Finally, the last jump lands the athlete in a pit of sand with both feet. The jumper that was able to land furthest into the sand pit wins the competition.


There are a few other track and field events that involve jumping that you can read about here.


I gotta run…..and jump!




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