The Fields Of Football

Hey lil’ buddies! My favorite place to be is on a football field. It’s where I get to have fun and get plenty of exercise playin’ my favorite sport.


Football fields are either made up of natural grass or something called artificial grass. Let’s look at the difference between the two.


Natural Grass Field – Just like what you see growin’ on lawns and in parks, grass can be used to cover a football field. Grass fields are usually seen in outdoor stadiums. Many football players enjoy playin’ on natural grass.


These football fields need to be cut, watered and receive plenty of sunlight. This makes grass fields more difficult to care for.


Artificial Grass – This type of field looks and feels like natural grass, but it isn’t grass at all. Artificial grass is made up of a bunch of tiny lil’ fibers. These fields are usually used in indoor stadiums.


Artificial grass doesn’t grow and it doesn’t need water or sunlight. This makes artificial football fields much easier to take care of.


Whether it’s natural grass or artificial grass as long as I can play football on it, I’m one happy tiger!




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