An All-Sports Gal

Hey y’all! As you know by now, I’m really into track and field. One of the main reasons that I love track and field is because there are so many different events to take part in.


You can compete in events that involve being part of a team or events that have you competing on your own. There are events that involve jumping, ones that involve throwing and ones that involve running. Some even involve two or all three of these fun activities!


Variety is a big part of track and field and it is something that is important when you involve yourself in sports. Different sports can teach you different skills and help you learn a lot of valuable lessons.


When you play a variety of sports it keeps things fresh and maintains your interest. For example, if you take part in soccer and basketball in the fall and winter and then get into soccer and baseball in the spring and summer you have an assortment of different activities that you can enjoy.


Being active in different sports also allows you to meet new people. You will have a lot of different teammates and opponents in the sports you are involved in and that leads to a lot of new friends, which you can never have too many of!


So even if you’re into hockey or football it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try lacrosse, skateboarding or golf as well. You’ll never know if you enjoy a sport until you try it.


Well, it is time for me to go. I’m having a football catch with Spike in a few minutes and then we are going to go shoot some baskets later on. Two sports in one day. I love variety!

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