Adaptive Winter Sports

Hey gang! It sure is chilly outside. The cold weather made me think that it would be a good time to teach you about some adaptive winter sports. We already learned about sledge hockey so let’s see what other fun adaptive sports are out there.


Para-alpine Skiing – This winter sport involves different kinds of skiing events and even snowboarding. The rules and equipment vary depending on the athlete. In para-skiing the athlete could be seated, standing, have the use of ski poles or even a guide. No matter what type of skiing these athletes are doing you can bet it will be fast!


Biathlon – The biathlon is a combination of cross country skiing and target shooting. The athletes use different forms of equipment, just like with para-skiing, depending on their different needs. This event is a neat combination of speed and skill.


Wheelchair Curling – Curling is where a large stone is slid across an icy surface towards a target that is painted on the ice. You try to have the stones stop as close to the center of the target as possible. Wheelchair curling is the same except it is performed by athletes who use wheelchairs.


I hope you enjoyed my little lesson on adaptive winter sports. Have fun and stay cool!



Your Can-Do Pal,




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