A Tribute To Tennis

Hiya! It is a terrific day here at the Sportsational Training Facility. I’m going to be heading out in a couple hours to play my very favorite sport, tennis. I absolutely love tennis and I wanted to express my love for this great game through the beautiful words of a poem. So, without further ado here is my tribute to tennis!



The game of tennis is exciting and fun

It keeps me active, healthy and always on the run


On grass, hard court or perhaps even clay

It is up to me on which surface I play


Singles or doubles, two friends or four

Tennis has its own unique way to keep score


Swing through the ball, just watch how it soars

Did it land in or out?  Is it my point or yours?


The forehand, the volley and mighty backhand

So many ways to strike, the shot I command


I play all year around, indoors and out

I’ll never stop playing of this, have no doubt


The game of tennis will remain forever in my heart

Its grace, its power, it’s a sports work of art


So, give tennis a try if you have yet to do so

I’m always up for a game, so let’s give it a go!


I hope y’all enjoyed my tribute to tennis. I hope it has inspired all of you out there to keep playing whichever sport you love. Bye-bye for now!



Have a positive day!,






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