A Tiger For Teamwork

Hey there lil’ buddies! I’m Spike from the Sportsationals. Football season is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier! There’s nuthin’ I love more then a good game of football. The tacklin’(only with the proper equipment of course), the passin’, the runnin’, the cheerin’ ….. Did I mention the tacklin’?!


Anyways, football is a terrific sport, whether you are playin’ on a team, messin’ around with your pals in the back yard or just watchin’ a game with your family.


Football has taught me a bunch of great things, but the one I want to share with you guys today is the value of teamwork.


Teamwork is when you get everyone workin’ together. When everyone works together and helps each other out it makes it easier to reach your goals.


If you are playin’ any sport where you have teammates you need to make sure that everyone is involved and feels like an important member of the team.


Remember when ya work together ya get along, ya have fun and everyone wins. Now, get outside, get movin’ and don’t be afraid to get a lil’ dirty!


See ya soon lil’ buddies!