A Thankful Team

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Since today is a holiday I decided to gather the whole team together to bring you a special blog entry. I wanted to share with you what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.


Hoops: I’m thankful for great games of basketball with my pals.


Ace: I’m thankful for fun competition on the tennis courts.


Pride: I’m thankful for having the ability to play any sport that I want.


Edge: I’m thankful for boards. The snow, skate and surf kind.


Striker: I’m thankful for every goal my team has ever scored on the soccer field.


Birdie: I’m thankful for every time I get to golf with my sister.


Caddie: I’m thankful for every time I get to golf with my brother.


Spike: I’m thankful for every yard on a football field.


Dash: I’m thankful for having the energy to run all day long.


Groove: I’m thankful for speed, speed and more speed.


Slapshot: I’m thankful for freezing cold sheets of ice.


Homer: I’m thankful for each base on a baseball diamond


Lax: I’m thankful for being able to depend on my lacrosse teammates.


We are all most thankful for our family, friends and teammates. Have a happy, healthy and active holiday!



Lax & The Sportsationals

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