Thankful For Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving Day, here in the United States of America! My Sportsational pals and I have a big feast planned. We are working together to fix a great meal that we will all enjoy.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love spending time with my friends and family and of course, filling my big bear belly with lots of good things to eat!


I wonder what everyone is bringing. I know we are having all of the usual goodies that are served on Thanksgiving Day. I love the food that we eat on Thanksgiving so much that I wrote a little jingle about it. Want to hear it? Okay, here it goes!



I love the food served on Thanksgiving Day.

Tons of tasty treats, delicious, I say


So many good things for all to enjoy

Enough to fill the tummies of every girl and boy


There is turkey, potatoes and fresh pumpkin pie

Veggies and stuffing, breads, white, wheat or rye


Big bowls of gravy and gooey candied yams

Cranberry sauce or jellies or jams


All of these foods make up our Thanksgiving meal

And fill our stomachs with a warm holiday feel


It is a special time shared with family and friends

A day to give thanks, before it all ends


So enjoy, be grateful and I just want to say

Have a happy, healthy and Sportsational turkey day!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!





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