A Penguin on Positioning

Hey gang! I’m really excited for my hockey game this afternoon. I’m going to play the center position today. Since you guys may not be familiar with the positions that you can play on a hockey team I thought it would be a great idea to go over them with you. Let’s get right to it!


Center – The center is one of three forward positions. They are generally responsible for taking face-offs. They cover a lot of ice and play primarily in the middle of the ice in both the defensive and offensive zones. They also have the most defensive responsibilities of all the forwards. Centers are more often great passers and playmakers as opposed to big time goal scorers.


Winger – There are two wingers on a forward line. One winger plays on the right side of the ice and the other on the left. Wingers often battle for pucks along the boards and position themselves in front of the opposing goaltender’s net for scoring chances. In the defensive zone the wingers generally are responsible for covering the other team’s defensemen. Wingers are often big goal scorers for their teams.


Defensemen – Like the wingers there is a left and right defenseman. The defensemen try and keep the other team’s forwards from scoring. There are often two types of defensemen. The offensive defensemen, who are good at skating with the puck, setting up their teammates and even scoring goals and the defensive defensemen who are more skilled at blocking shots and breaking up scoring chances that come from the other team.


Goaltender – The goalies job is to keep the other team from scoring. The goalies play in an area around their team’s net called the goal crease and they try and block all of the shots that come their way from the opponent by any means necessary. The goalies wear a lot more equipment then the other players to protect them from being hurt by all the pucks that they are trying to stop.


So which position is the right one for you? If you don’t already know which one is right for you then get out on the ice and give them all a try.


Play hard, play safe



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