A Penguin Against Penalties

Hey everybody! I hope you are all having a fantastic day. I am going to be hitting the ice later on to help my pals Dash, Homer and Lax practice their hockey skills.


While we are out on the ice today I think it would be a good idea to go over some of the penalties that can be called during a hockey game. This will help my friends learn what they can and cannot do while playing hockey.


A penalty is a disadvantage given to a team or player for not following the rules of the sport they are participating in. You always want to avoid penalties because they are not helpful to your team and more importantly they can possibly cause someone to get hurt.


I don’t want to overload you guys or my buddies with too much information today so I will start out by giving you four different examples of things you shouldn’t do while playing hockey.


Whether you are playing on skates or on foot you never want to take your hockey stick and tug at another player’s waist, arms or hands to prevent them from skating freely. This is called “hooking.”


Another penalty in hockey is called “boarding.” This is a very dangerous penalty that every hockey player should avoid at all costs. Boarding is when you hit another player from behind causing them to fall awkwardly into the boards that surround the ice. Boarding can cause serious injuries. Just remember, whenever you see the back of your opponent make sure you stop.


“Slashing” is also a dangerous penalty. Slashing is when you swing your stick at your opponent. This is something that you never want to do in the game of hockey. You can really hurt one of your fellow playmates by slashing them with your stick. The stick is to be used to handle and shoot the puck, not as a weapon.


The last penalty I want to make you aware of is called “tripping.” This is when you use your hockey stick or any body part to cause another player to trip or fall. Tripping can also cause a player to hurt themselves.


Well, I am off to the rink to teach my friends what I just went over with you. I hope they are as quick to learn as you guys! Always play by the rules and you’ll always have fun!


Have a happy, healthy and active day!




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