A Patient Parrot

Hi there kids! I just got back from playing a round of golf with my sister Caddie and our friends Homer and Groove. Homer and Groove are still learning how to play the great game of golf. Caddie and I are doing our best to help them out.


Learning something new can often be frustrating. It takes practice, effort and perhaps, most importantly, it takes patience. Patience when learning something new is important because it means even though what you’re learning may be hard you are sticking with it until you’ve got it.


Patience is also very important to have in everyday life as well. A good example of being patient is when you are at an amusement park and you have to stand in a long line before you go on your favorite ride. Even though you really want to get right on that roller coaster or carousel you have to calmly wait for your turn.


It is also good to be patient with family. If your little brother or sister is playing with a toy that you would like to play with, instead of fighting with them for the toy or getting upset you should simply play with something else until they are finished.


I hope I was able to help you all understand what it means to have patience. Now, that you learned something new go outside be a little silly and have a lot of fun!


Your patient parrot pal,



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