10 Reasons I Love Baseball

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season with their friends and family. I know I sure did!


You all know by now that I am crazy about baseball. Today I am going to share with you ten reasons why baseball is my favorite sport. Play ball!


1.) Baseball is a team sport. It helps you learn the value of working well with others.


2.) Baseball involves numbers and besides baseball itself there is nothing I love more than numbers!


3.) Baseball is great exercise. It involves running, throwing, jumping and more!


4.) Baseball sounds. Hearing the crack of the bat and the cheers from the crowd are music to my ears.


5.) Baseball gives you a reason to slide in the dirt. How cool is that?!


6.) Baseball can be played with your friends and family.


7.) Baseball teaches you a lot, like sportsmanship, patience and other important lessons.


8.) Baseball has a lot of different positions you can play.


9.) Baseball is for everyone.


10.) The main reason I love baseball…..it’s a whole lotta fun!


Your Pal,



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